The Concept behind The Music

Forsaken is our second album to be released on Scarlet Records October 28th 2016.The album is a concept based on the theory of five stages of death by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and written in memory of a brilliant young woman, who was taken away from her family by an aggressive cancer.

Each track describes the different states of mind of a person facing a fatal illness, taking the listener on an emotional rollercoaster through denial, anger, depression, bargaining, and acceptance at the end of the journey.

Musically every song reflects a specific lyrical theme. Frank Corigliano’s vocals impersonates the emotions of a victim of sudden illness and their inner journey to redemption.

Francesco Mattei’s violent guitar riffing is contrasted by Julien Spreutels’ atmospheric keyboards, creating dynamic pieces where lyrics, melody and harmony unite to touch the multiple aspects of each emotion described in the songs. Omar Campitelli’s drum grooves and Andrea Arcangeli’s sturdy bass lines add depth to the songs, steadily accompanying them through every mood.

Duelling solos between the guitar and keyboard reflect the inner conflict moving from one emotional stage to the other and the electronic drum loops depict the relentlessly advancing tumor.

Forsaken has one purpose: trying to understand the emotions of a person confronted with an existential crisis. It’s also a reminder for those who are affected by cancer that a diagnosis is not to be intended as the end.

Even those fosaken by fortune are never lost, while their memory lives on in our hearts.

The Band



Prog metal band Noveria was formed in 2014 when guitarist Francesco Mattei returned to Italy after four years in pilgrimage for metal in Finland.

Our goal is to create a complete headbanging experience with a melodic twist through our music, combining massive guitar riffs with atmospheric keyboards on top along with techincally challenging solos. Our main sources of inspiration come from genres like Symphonic, Industrial and Death Metal.

While our first release Risen (Scarlet Records, 2014) told the stories of people trying to survive in a world that seems to put all odds against you, our new album, Forsaken (to be released on Scarlet Records on the 28th of October), focuses on the emotional struggle of a single person facing a life-threatening illness, taking things to a much more personal level. Forsaken is a concept album written around the theory of five stages of death (the Kubler model): Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Risen had a warm welcome from critics and metal fans alike and was chosen Best Metal Newcomer of the year 2014 by

The original lineup saw Emanuele Casali (DGM, Astra) on keyboards. Since 2016 Emanuele has moved on to work on his other numerous projects and now Julien Spreutels (Epysode, Ethernity) has taken his place in the band. Julien proved a great resource and inspiration for the band and with his collaboration the new album soon started taking shape!

In August 2016 we returned to Domination Studio in San Marino to record our second album. Thanks to the expertise of Simone Mularoni in curating both mix and master, we feel that the sound of Noveria on Forsaken is more solid than ever.

While Risen brought us to make a minitour in the north of Italy in addition to a few sold out gigs in and nearby Rome, we have bigger plans for the future! Stay tuned to see where the road takes us next!



Denial - Lyric Video Single from Forsaken

[W]Hole - First Video Single from Forsaken

Utopia - First Audio Single from Forsaken

Forsaken - Trailer

Downfall - Video Single from Risen



 07 OCT 2017 - Circolo Colony - Brescia (IT)

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The last show as support band of the Grave Digger tour will take place at Circolo Colony in Brescia.

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 06 OCT 2017 - Exenzia - Prato (IT)

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The second show as support band of the Grave Digger tour will take place at Exenzia Rock Pub in Prato.

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 05 OCT 2017 - Traffic - Rome (IT)

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Noveria will play as support band for the italian dates of legendary heavy metal band Grave Digger
This will be the forst gig in Italy for the deutch band.

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 23 SEP 2017 - Z7 - Pratteln (CH)

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Noveria will play at Eleven Rock Fest together with Evergrey
More details will follow...

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 09 MAR 2017 - Locanda Blues - Rome (IT)

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Noveria will play as support band for the Astra show in Rome, at Locanda Blues.

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 12 FEB 2017 - De Mesiter - Geleen (NL)

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Noveria will play the third show of this mini-tour at De Mesiter in Holland again with their friends Hevidence and Ethernity

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 11 FEB 2017 - Canal 10 - Hautrage (BE)

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Noveria will play at the Canal 10 in Belgium, touring for the promotion of the new album Forsaken
The band will be supported by Hevidence and Ethernity

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 10 FEB 2017 - Moonlight Music Hall, Nijverheidslaan 7, 3290 - Diest (BE)

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Noveria will play at the Moonlight Music Hall in Belgium, touring for the promotion of the new album Forsaken
Our buddy Julien will have a double show and will play with his band Eternity as guest of the show.

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 12 NOV 2016 - Noveria + Hard Scream - Polo Nord Pub, Vittorio Veneto 1, Montopoli in Sabina (RI)

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Second show after the release of Forsaken
The band will play at the Polo Nord Pub and will have as special guest the band Hard Scream
See You There!!!!

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 11 NOV 2016 - Forsakan release Party - Locanda Blues - Via Cassia 1284 Roma 00189 – Roma nord , La Giustiniana

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Release Party for the release of Forsaken, the second album of the band under Scarlet Records
The band will share the stage with another new entry in the Italian metal scene called Hevidence.
Don't miss this show you'll have a lot of fun for sure!!!!

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 26 JUN 2015 - Noveria - Palarockness - Genzano (Roma - IT)


 18 APR 2015 - Noveria - Sinister Noise - Roma (IT)


 03 JAN 2015 - Noveria - On The Rocks - Helisnki (FN)


 21 DEC 2014 - Noveria - Blue Rose Saloon - Milano (IT)


 20 DEC 2014 - Noveria - BorderLine Live Club- Modena (IT)


 19 DEC 2014 - Noveria - Winter Prog Fest - Discoteca Gazebo - Canelli (AT)


 10 OCT 2014 - Noveria + Astra - Locanda Blues - Roma (IT)


 14 JUN 2014 - Noveria Risen Release Party - Birreria Polo Nord - Montopoli inSabina (RI)


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